Pop Ins/ Puppy visits

Do you have a busy life or work schedule?...

Do you love spending time with your dog, but just can't give them the exercise they need?...
Would your dog prefer a walk alone or with only those they know well?...

No problem...!

A member of team Woof is available to support you and your dogs needs.

Dogs will be walked around your local area, or be bought to a specially chosen walk away from roads or any other hazards, providing a perfect place for the dogs to run and play freely (on or off lead).
If you would prefer for your dog just to be let out in your garden, we offer a Pop In service.

The dogs will be wiped down upon their return to their home, water bowls filled up and fed if requested by you.

Get in touch to discuss what options work for you, and come home to a tired, relaxed and happy dog!

Pop Ins (20 min)
x1 - £10
x2 - £20 (Same day)