Doggy Day Care

"The Day Your Dog Deserves"

Looking for more than an hours walk for your dog?
Our countryside Doggy Day Care service could be the solution you are looking for!

Set in the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside, we are a specially built dog paradise with 10 acres of private dog friendly fields, where your furry friend can spend the day playing away and socialising with their friends.

We understand hectic work schedules and family commitments make it difficult to ensure we are giving our dogs the right balance of exercise, play & socialisation, for this reason, Woof Doggy Day Care is the perfect solution to help you maintain a happy owner/ dog lifestyle.


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Why book with us?

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The comfort, happiness and well being of our doggy guests is of utmost importance to us at Woof Doggy Day Care.

For this reason all dogs that wish to attend the Day Care go through a stringent entrance procedure to ensure our Day Care is right for them.

This involves:

- An initial free meet and temperament test at our facility
- A slow introduction process to the rest of the group

- A lengthy trial period with regular feedback on how your dog is settling in

The entrance procedure not only ensures friendly, sociable dogs are accepted into the day care, but also ensures that your dog is happy in a multi dog environment. Something, alike humans not all of us necessarily enjoy.

We DO NOT take entire males into our Day Care or bitches in season.

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At Woof Doggy Day Care we are home to 10 acres of private fields, split into three separate paddocks.
This enables us to have a varied choice of areas to walk all dogs to keep walks stimulating, fun and exciting.
All fields are dog friendly with post and rail fencing and secure mesh bordering. 

Our facility is set in the glorious Bedfordshire countryside surrounded by 100's of acres of farm land and woodland.
We are situated close to both the A421 and the M1 giving us quick access to numerous villages around Bedfordshire.


The facility includes:

  • Constant supervision

  • Heated Log cabins/ houses

  • Electricity and water supply

  • Fully secure site

  •  Secure smaller play areas and swimming pools

  • Scheduled exercise & enrichment games


The happiness and safety of the dogs in our care is of utmost importance. For this reason, as well as have a strict entrance procedure, we also ensure the same dogs come on the same days each week.

All dogs like routine and having a set day per week the dogs come, gives them the confidence they know who they are meeting. This helps them be more comfortable in their surroundings.


Once your dog is settled in the day care, additional days in the week can be booked depending on availability.

For all our Day Care dogs, we offer the additional service option of Home Boarding. We find dogs that regularly attend our Day care settle very well during boarding as they are comfortable with us and our home.


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All of the staff at Woof Doggy Day Care are experienced dog owners with years of dog ownership behind and in front of them.

We believe the dog industry is an ever evolving one with always new ideas and techniques to benefit dogs lives for the better. We believe in positive reinforcement methods only and follow the training syllabus of the Institute of Modern Dog Training (IMDT).

The team are always looking to develop their knowledge in Dog First Aid, Dog training and Canine Behaviour.
All the team have taken courses in both Dog First Aid and Dog Training.
This allows us to give the best possible care to the dogs in our care and correctly advise customers with any queries and questions they have regarding their dog.

We are passionate about what we do, and do it for the love of the dogs. For us it's not a job but a lifestyle!



Due to demand, as of January 2019, we started the Pick Up & Drop Off service for our Day Care customers.

All dogs are transported in style and comfort in one of our professionally custom fitted Doggy Buses.
Vet approved and fitted with secure crates with emergency escape systems.

It is important to us minimum time is spent in the vans and maximum time at the Day Care. Therefore we only collect in grouped areas each day and ensure a dog is in the van for no longer than a total of 1 hour at a time.

For those who may have dogs that are afraid of cars or crates, 9 times out of 10 we find after a few weeks, your dog makes a positive assosiation with the van and can't wait to jump in the van when we arrive.

All staff who drive the vans and collect dogs from their homes have full UK driving licenses and are fully DBS checked and insured.

What to expect

A typical Day Care Day would consist of the following.....


Pick Up

Between 8am - 9am in our custom made Doggy Buses.


Playtime/ Walks/ Exercise 

1.5 - 2 hours playtime in the morning which include a mix of walks, games and garden play. During playtime, we ensure the dogs all play nicely and are having fun. We reinforce basic training commands and encourage good behaviour.


Lunch/Chill Time  

Around midday we stop for lunch (if needed) and chill time.... For most, a much needed time of the day after the morning play session. 


Playtime/ Walks/ Exercise

The afternoon consists of more playtime and games, all depending on the needs of the dogs. Some dogs are ready for another round of fetch, whereas some would much prefer to relax for the rest of the afternoon with some attention and company. We get to know our regular daycare dogs well and tailor the daycare to suit their needs and make sure the are stimulated, well cared for and most importantly... happy.  


Clean up Time

At the end of the day, we do our best to clean the dogs down that may have gotten muddy and wet during the day.  We find it is really important for the dogs to have some down time before they come home so they are nice and relaxed and ready for their evening with you. 


Drop Off

Drop Off is between 4pm - 5pm to avoid the worst of the evening traffic. Your dog will be content and happy upon return, ready for a relaxed evening at home.
For those attending the Home Boarding will join us for the evening in our own home.



We provide regular updates, pictures and videos via Whatsapp and our social media platforms, so you can see how much fun your dog is having.

We are licensed by Central Bedfordshire council as a Licensed Daycare and home boarder and insured by "Pet Business Insurance".

Please contact us  to tell us a little bit more about your dog and arrange a free meet & greet and consultation.