Puppy Club

Bringing home your new puppy has to be one of the most exciting days ever!.... But what happens when you have to go back to work on Monday?!

Socialising your puppy is key to help ensure your puppy behaves appropriately when an adult dog.

If this is not done correctly it can lead to training & behavioural issues throughout the dogs adult life. (This is a well-documented fact) Read our detailed article on The importance of Dog Socialisation).

At Woof Doggy Day Care we have a dedicated puppy area – we understand the needs of your young puppy and will ensure we build their positive experiences up gradually, in a safe environment.

With us, your puppy will socialise with other puppy’s and adult dogs, whilst we encourage correct, safe play and social etiquette in a positive, fun, environment.

Your puppy will be safely returned, content, happy and tired after an action packed puppy party, playing games, exploring, interacting and learning from other dogs at Woof.


We can accept puppies as young as 11-12 weeks old, once they have had their last set of vaccinations (And had their Kennel Cough vaccination... please note this is sometimes an additional vaccination).

Following completion of the Puppy Club, we highly recommend they join our Adventure walks or Doggy Day Care to further aid socialisation, and positive learning experiences.